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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nuclear Research Centres in India

Research Center Place
Atomic Energy Commission Bombay
Bhabha Atomic Research Center Trombay (Bombay)
Electronics Corporation of India Hyderabad
High Altitude Research Laboratory Gulmarg (Kashmir)
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute Durgapur (West Bengal)
Central Mining Research Institution Dhanbad (Bihar)
Indian Rare Earths, Ltd., Alwaye
Radio Astronomy Center Ootacamund
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Calcutta
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Bombay
Tata Memorial Center Bombay
Uranium Corporation of India Jaduguda(Bihar)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Important Institutions and its Headquarters

● Commission of Scientific and Technical Words Terminology—New Delhi
● Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages—Hyderabad
● Institute of National Sanskrit—New Delhi
● National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth—Tirupati
● Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri National Sanskrit Vidyapeeth—New Delhi
● Rashtriya Bal Bhavan—New Delhi
● Institute of Central Indian Language—Mysore
● Indian Council of Higher Research—Shimla
● Indian Institute of Social Sciences and Research—New Delhi
● Council of Indian Philosophy Research—New Delhi and Lucknow
● Indian Institute of Science—Bengaluru
● Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management—Gwalior
● Central Hindi Institute—Agra
Environmental Institutes
● Arid Zone Research Institute—Jodhpur
● Central Pollution Control Board—Delhi
● Central Museum Authority—New Delhi
● Rehabilitation Institute of Social Forestry and Ecology—Allahabad
● G. B. Pant Himdoya Environment and Development Institute—Almora
● Himalayan Forest Research Centre—Shimla
● Indian Forest Research and Education Council—Dehradun
● Institute of Indian Forest Management—Bhopal
● Institute of Indian Plywood Industry and Research—Bengaluru
● Institute of Forest Genetic Tree Breeding—Coimbatore
● Forest Productive Centre—Ranchi
● Institute of Forest Research and Human Resource Development—Chindwara
● Institute of Rainforest—Jorhat
● Institute of Lumbering Science and Technology—Bengaluru
● Institute of National Science & Technology—Faridabad
● Indian Botanical Survey—Kolkata
● Indian Anthropology Survey—Kolkata
● Indian Forest Survey—Jorhat
● Tropical Institute—Jabalpur
Defence Institutes
● Air Force Academy—Hyderabad
● Air Force Technical College—Bengaluru
● College of Military Engineering—Pune
● Defence Management Institute—Sikandrabad
● Defence Services Staff College—Wellington
● Directorate General N.C.C.—New Delhi
● Electrical and Mechanical Engineering School—Baroda
● Hindustan Aeronatic Limited—Bengaluru
● Indian Air Force Training Centre—Chennai
● Indian Military Academy—Dehradun
● Institute of Armament Technology—Pune
● Military College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering—Sikandrabad
● Directorate of National Cadet Core—New Delhi
● National Defence Academy—Kharagwasala
● Naval College of Engineering—Lonavala
● Officers Training Academy—Chennai
Art and Culture
● Institute of National Museum History for Art Conservation and Science Museum—New Delhi
● Allahabad Museum—Allahabad
● Asiatic Society—Kolkata
● Indian Anthropology Survey—Kolkata
● Indian National Archives—New Delhi
● Central Buddh Education Institute—Leh
● Central High Tibetean Educational Institute—Varanasi
● Central Secretariat Library (1981)—New Delhi
● Cultural Institute and Training Centre (1979)—New Delhi
● Delhi Public Library—New Delhi
● Gandhian Recollection and Philosophy Recollection—New Delhi
● Institute of Indian Diamond—Surat
● Indian Museum—Kolkata
● Indira Gandhi National Art Centre—New Delhi
● Indira Gandhi National Human Museum—Bhopal
● Jawahar Lal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy (1954)—Imphal
● Kala Chitra Foundation—Chennai
● Khudabaksh Oriental Public Library—Patna
● Lalit Kala Academy (1954)—New Delhi
● Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Asian Studies Institute—Kolkata
● National Drama Vidyalaya (1959)—New Delhi
● National Science Museum Parishad—Kolkata
● National Modern Art Technique (1954)—Kolkata
● National Library (1948)—Kolkata
● National Museum—New Delhi
● National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Heritage—Lucknow
● National School of Drama—New Delhi
● Nav-Nalanda Mahabihar—Bihar
● Nehru Memorial Museum and Library—New Delhi
● Raja Rammohan Rai Library Foundation—Kolkata
● Ram Krishan Mission Sanskrit Institute (1938)—Kolkata
● Rampur Raja Library—Rampur
● Sahitya Academy (1954)—New Delhi
● Salarjanj Museum—Hyderabad
● Sangeet Natak Academy—New Delhi
● Victoria Memorial Hall—Kolkata
Food and Civil Supply
● Indian Standard Bureau—Delhi
● Indian Examination House—Kolkata
Health and Family Welfare
● Central Health Education Bureau—New Delhi
● National Medical Science Academy—New Delhi
● National Ayurvedic Institute—Jaipur
● National Siddh Institute—Chennai
● National Yunani Institute—Bengaluru
● Morarji Desai National Yog Institute—New Delhi
● National Natural Medical Institute—Pune
● National Homeopathic Institute—Kolkata
● National Ayurvedic Vidyapeeth—New Delhi
● Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.—Rasoyni (Maharashtra)
● South India Textile Research Association—Coimbatore
● North India Cloth Research Institute—Ghaziabad
● Silk and Art Silk Mills Research Association—Mumbai
● Indian Jute Industry Research Association—Kolkata
● Wool Research Institute—Thane
● National Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.—Trombay
● Pesticide Technology Institute—Gurgaon
● Hindustan Antibiotic Ltd.—Pimpri, Pune
● Plastic Engineering and Technology Institute—(Sepate) Chennai
● Indian Bureau of Mines—Nagpur
● National Aluminium Co. Ltd.—Orissa
● Hindustan Zinc Ltd.—Udaipur
Law and Justice
● National Justice Academy—Bhopal
● Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy—Hyderabad
● Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narain National Crime and Justice Institute—New Delhi
● Labour Bureau Institute—Chandigarh and Shimla
● V. V. Giri National Labour Institute—Noida (U. P.)
● Central Labour Board—Nagpur
● Director General of Mines Security—Dhanbad
● Central Education Media Institute—Chennai
● Institute of Central government Training and Research—Kolkata
Mass Communication
● Publication Deptt.—New Delhi
● Film Department—Mumbai
● National Film Archieves—Pune
● Indian Committee of Children Film—Mumbai
● Directorate of Publications and Visual Publicity—Delhi
● Directorate of Regional Publicity—New Delhi
● Testimony Board of Central Movie—Mumbai
● Institute of Indian Film and Television—Pune
● Satyajeet Ray Film and Television Institute— Kolkata
Institute of Science and Technology
● Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science—Kolkata
● Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology—Pune
● Indian Astro-physics Institute—Bengaluru
● Jawahar Lal Nehru Developed Scientific Research Centre—Bengaluru
● Indian Institute of Geomagnetism—Mumbai
● Indian Science Academy—Bengaluru
● Indian National Science Academy—New Delhi
● Indian Science Congress Association—Kolkata
● Indian National Engineering Academy—New Delhi
● Indian National Oceanic Information Service Centre—Hyderabad
● Indian Oceanic Technical Institute—Chennai
● National Antarctic and Ocean Research Centre—Goa
● National Biological Science Centre—Bengaluru
● National Institute of Reservation—New Delhi
● Centre of National Cell Science—Pune
● Centre of National Mental Research—Manesar
● National Plant-Genome Research Centre—New Delhi
● National Earthquake Science Data Centre—New Delhi
● Indian Science Academy—Allahabad
● Survey Training Institute—Hyderabad (with the help of U.N.D.P.)
● Bose Institute—Kolkata
● Agarkar Research Institute—Pune
● Sri Chitra Triunal Medical Science and Technical Institute—Tiruvananthapuram
● Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology—Dehradun
● N. N. Bose National Fundamental Science Centre—Kolkata
● Birbal Sahani Institute of Paleo-botany—Lucknow
● Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council—New Delhi
● Science Expansion (Vigyan Prasar)—New Delhi
● Liquid Crystal Research Institute—Bengaluru
● Aryabhatta Research Observatory—Nainital
● Director of Atomic Mineral Investigation and Research—Hyderabad
● Indian Uranium Corporation Ltd.—Jaduguda
● Heavy Water Board—Mumbai
● Nuclear Fuel Campus—Hyderabad
● Bhabha Atomic Research Centre—Mumbai
● Shri Ram Institute of Chemical Research—New Delhi
● Institute for Plasma Research (I. P. R.)—Ahmedabad
● Harish Chand Research Institute—Chennai
● Physics Institute—Bhubaneshwar
● Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre—Kolkata
● Deptt. of Atomic Energy—Mumbai
● Project Directorate, Integrated Coastal and Sea Coast Management—Chennai
● Sea-biotic Resources and Ecology Centre—Cochin
● Hindustan Zinc Limited—Udaipur
● D. N. A. Finger Print and Centre—Hyderabad
● Biotic Resources and Continuous Development Centre—Imphal
● Life Science Institute—Bhubaneshwar
● Physical Research Laboratory—Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
● S. V. National Technical Institute—Surat
● Saha Nuclear Physics Institute—Kolkata (W. Bengal)
● Cosmic Rays Research Institute—Gauribidanow
● Shri Ram Chennai Research Institute—New Delhi
● Tata Institute of Fundamental Research—Mumbai
● Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology—Kocchi
● Institute of Mathematical Science—Chennai
● Institute of Physics—Bhubaneshwar
● National Biology Centre—Bengaluru
● Uranium Corporation of India Ltd.—Jaduguda (Jharkhand)
● Vishveshraiya National Technical Institute—Nagpur
● Diesel Locomotive Works—Varanasi
● Chitranjan Locomotive Works—Chitranjan
● Rail Coach Factory—Kapurthala
● Integral Coach Factory—Perambur, Kapurthala
● Rail Wheel Factory—Bengaluru
● Marine Engineering and Research Institute—Kolkata
● Marine Engineering and Research Institute—Mumbai
● Lal Bahadur Shastri Coastal Research and Higher Study Institute—Mumbai
● Indian Inland Waterways Authority—Noida
● Maritime Training Institute Powai—Mumbai
● Hindustan Shipyard Limited—Visakhapatnam
● Central Inland Water Transport Corporation—Kolkata
● Civil Aviation Security Bureau—Delhi
● National Aviation Management and Research Institute—Delhi
● Fire Training Centre—New Delhi
● Fire Service Training School—Narainpur (Kolkata)
● Indira Gandhi National Flying Academy—Furshatganj (U. P.)
● Indian Tourism and Travel Management Institute—Gwalior
● National Water Sporting Institute—Goa
Water Resources
● Central Soil and Material Research Centre—New Delhi
● Central Water and Electric Research Centre—Kharagwasala (Pune)
● National Project Construction Corporation Ltd.—New Delhi
● National Hydrology Institute—Roorkee (Uttarakhand)
● National Blind Institute—Dehradun
● National Orthopedic Disabled Institute—Kolkata
● Aliyawarjung National Hard of Hearing Institute—Mumbai
● National Mental Disabled Institute—Sikandrabad
● National Rehabilitation Training and Research Institute—Cuttack
● Physically Disabled Institute—New Delhi
● Multi-disabled Strengthen Institute—Chennai
● National Public Cooperation and Child Development Institute—New Delhi
Youth Work and Play
● Rajeev Gandhi National Youth Development Institute—Perambur
● Laxmibai National Physical Education Institute (1957)—Gwalior
● National Thermal Power Corporation—New Delhi
● Electric Finance Corporation Ltd.—New Delhi
● Telecommunication Engineering Centre—New Delhi
● National Telecommunication Finance and Management Academy—Hyderabad
● High Level Telecommunication Training Centre—Ghaziabad
● Advance Level Telecommunication Training Centre—Ghaziabad
● Bharat Ratna Bhim Rao Ambedkar Telecommunication Training Institute—Jabalpur

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Research Centers Of ICAR

 S.No.ICAR Research Center Location Year Of Estb.Objective
 1National Research Centre on Plant BiotechnologyNew Delhi1985To undertake research, teaching and training personnel in the modern areas of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
 2 National Centre for Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM) New Delhi 1988To cater to the emerging plant protection needs of different agro-ecological zones of the country.
 3 National Research Center For CitrusNagpur  1985To undertake basic and applied research to develop technologies for improvement and increased productivity in citrus, etc.
 4 National Research Center for Grapes Pune 1977To undertake the programmes involving basic and strategic research for resolving the major biotic and abiotic constraints affecting the grapes production, productivity and sustain productivity and promote diversification to wine production and other value added products
 5 National Research Centre for Banana Tamil Nadu 1993To undertake basic and strategic research for developing technologies to enhance productivity and utilization of    Banana. To develop improved cultivars through traditional and biotechnological methods and conserve the diversity.
 6 National Research Center on Seed species Ajmer2000 To conduct basic and strategic research to enhance production, productivity and quality of seed spices with special reference to export and domestic demand, etc.
 7 National Research Center on Pomegranate  Maharashtra 2005To develop suitable varieties with high yield potential and quality fruits having resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
 8 National Research Center on Orchids  Sikkim 1996To collect, conserve, characterize and evaluate germplasm and develop National repository of orchids and bulbous flowering plants, etc.
 9 National Research Center for Agroforestry Uttar Pradesh 1988To under take basic and applied research for developing and delivering technologies based on sustainable agroforestry prctices on farms, marginal and wastelands for different agroclimatic zones in INDIA, etc.
National Camel Research Center
Rajasthan 1984To carryout basic and applied research on camel production and health as influenced by different farming practices, etc.
 11 National Research Centre on Equines Rajasthan 1985To improve and conserve Marwari Horses and also to produce french male Donkeys for improving indigenous donkeys and mule production.
 12National Research Center on MeatHyderabad 1999To conduct basic and applied research in the frontiner areas of meat science and technology and to
develop human resource for the fast
growing meat sector.
 13National Research Center on PigAssam ----To bring in excellence in pig production, health and product processing through innovative research in order to provide technology backstopping for enhanced pork production, employment generation and poverty reduction among socially and economically weaker sections through the medium of pig husbandry.
 14National Research Center on YakWest Kemang1989To establish a small herd of pure yaks to carry out observations on performances under range and semi-range systems of management, to conduct research on improvement of yak and its products though selection and breeding with exotic frozen semen, etc.
 15National Research Institute on MithunNagaland1988Identifiation, evaluation and characterization of mithun germplasm available in the country.
Conservation and improvement of mithun for meat and milk .
To act as a repository of germplasm and information centre on mithun.
 16National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP)New Delhi1991To strengthen agricultural economics research through integration of economics input in planning, designing, and evaluation of agricultural research programs and enhancing the competence in agricultural policy analysis within the National Agricultural Research System.

Health And Medicinal Research Centers In India

 S.No. Health and Medicinal Research Center Location Year Of Estb.  Objective
 1  All India Maleria Research Institute  New Delhi  1977 To find short term as well as long term solutions to the problems of malaria through basic, applied and operational field research.
 2  National Tuberclosis Institute Bangalore  1959 To develop a nationally applicable tuberculosis control programme on a community basis and to train the key personnel to execute this
programme in the states.
 3  Indian Cancer Research Center Mumbai  1952 To carry out mission-oriented research and development on cancers prevalent in the Indian subcontinent, and where there are internationally competitive opportunities, will use state-of-the-art technolog.
 4  Indian veterinary Research Institute Mukteshwar (H.P.), Izzatnagar (U.P.)  1889 To conduct research, provide postgraduate education and transfer of the technology in all areas of animal sciences with emphasis on animal health and production, etc.
 5  Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and Research  Jamnagar (Gujarat) 2006-07  To establish a quality Ayurveda Institute for providing value added and globally relevant education based on eteral human values.
 6  Vallabh Bhai Patel Chest Institute Delhi  1949 To conduct research on basic and clinical aspects of chest medicine, to train post graduates in Pulmonary medicine and allied subjects, to develop new diagnostic technology and disseminate scientific knowledge related to chest medicine.
7 Haffkine Institute Mumbai 1899 to support the Learning Community, Faculty, Researchers and Scientists in their day-to-day information needs, to collect, process, organize and disseminate the scientific information in Print and other media in the field of Biomedicine and allied subjects, etc.
 8  National Institute of Communicable Diseases Delhi  1963 To provide training, service and operational research in the field of communicable diseases and their prevention and control in the country.
 9  School of Tropical Medicine Kolkata  1921  To provide research modules in the feild of medicine in tropical and developing countries.
 10  Central Leprosy Training and Research Institute Chingelpet  1955 To provide diagnostic treatment and referral services to leprosy patients, training aspects of leprosy and its control.
 11 P. G.I. Medical Education and Research Chandigarh 1962 To provide high quality patient care, to attain self-sufficiency in postgraduate medical education and to meet the country’s need for highly qualified medical teachers in all medical and surgical fields, etc.
 12 National Institute of Nutrition Hyderabad 1918 To study the health-related nutrition and food hygiene problems and to train nutrition and food hygiene specialists.
 13 National Institute of Occupational Health Ahmedabad 1969 Epidemiological and environmental monitoring and corollary toxicological studies in hazardous occupations for recognition and evaluation of risk factors, development of tools for early diagnosis of health impairment and design of appropriate intervention measures for the prevention of hazards at work places., etc.
 14 King Institute of Preventive Medicine Guindy (Chennai)
1899 To revive the manufacturing unit according to GMP norms utilizing it as a common facility for the production of Anti snake venom, cholera and Typhoid Vaccine, etc.
 15 All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health Kolkata 1932 To deliver  integrated occupa- 
tional health care programme by conducting short term certificate course in occupational health and safety for the medical/non-medical personnel attached to different industries, research studies in the field of occupational health and safety, etc.
 16 Indian institute of health management research Jaipur 1984 Organization and management of health system based on primary health care with particular emphasis on district health system in urban and rural areas.
 17 Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi 1911 To augment the national capability strengthening of the institutions involved in both basic and clinical sciences in the country, etc.

Nanotechnology Research Centers In India

 S.No.Nanotechnology Research Center Location Year Of Estb. Objective
 1 Bhabha Atomic Research Center Mumbai 1954To fulfill its mandate of indigenous nuclear power programme and various other applications of nuclear energy, etc.
 2 Center of Materials for Electronics Technology Pune 1990To establish technology strength in electronics materials for the present and future industrial requirement.
 3 Central Electronics Research Institute Rajasthan 1953Advanced research and development in Electronics.
 4 Central Glass and Ceramic Research InstituteKolkata  1977To provide scientific industrial research and development in the area of glass, ceramics and related materials that maximizes the economic, environmental and societal benefit for the people of India
 5 Central Scientific Instruments Organization Chandigarh 1959Promotion, guidance and coordination of scientific and industrial research in India including other institutions and financing the specific research activities.
 6 Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE)Gwalior  1973Research and development of detection and protection against toxic chemical and biological agent.
 7 Indian Association for the Cultivation of Sciences (IACS)Kolkata  1876To foster high quality fundamental research in frontier disciplines of the basic sciences.
 8 Institute of Fundamental ResearchMumbai  1945To conduct research primarily in natural sciences, mathematics and theoretical computer science.
 9 National Center for Biological Sciences Karnataka 1892To conduct fundamental research in the frontier areas of biology.
 10 National Chemical Laboratories Pune 1950To conduct research, development and consultancy services in the related field of science.
 11 National Metallurgical LaboratoryJamshedpur  1950Progressive enhancement of its resources, generation and acquisition of ‘Intellectual Property Assets' and strives to maximise the business of R&D meeting the customer requirements through maintenance of sustainable growth
 12 National Physics Laboratories New Delhi 1947To maintain standards of SI units in India and calibrates the national standards of weights and measures.
 13 Raman Research Institute Bangalore 1948 To conduct research in Astronomy, Astrophysics, Liquid Crystals, Theoretical Physics, Optics.
 14 Regional Research Laboratories Trivandrum 1961To undertake externally funded projects and offers know-how, feasibility reports, analysis and testing facilities, consultancy and technical information services and human resource development in its various R&D Divisions.
 15 S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences (DST) Kolkata 1986To foster, encourage and promote the growth of advanced studies in selected branches of basic
sciences, etc.
 16 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Kolkata 1949basic research and training in physical and biophysical sciences
 17 Solid State Physics Laboratory Delhi 1962research in the field of Solid State Materials, Devices and Sub-systems.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nuclear Research Centers In World

 S.No.Nuclear Research Center Location Year of Estb Objective
 1Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) US 1946 To apply a unique mix of world-class science, engineering and user facilities to deliver innovative research and technologies.
 2Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)Australia 1987To provide scientific and technical advice across the nuclear fuel cycle to government and to support Australia's national strategic and nuclear policy objectives, etc.
 3Belgium Nuclear Research Centre (SCN-CEN)Belgium 1952To promote Nuclear safety, radiation protection, etc.
 4 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)India 1957To fulfill its mandate of indigenous nuclear power programme and various other applications of nuclear energy, etc.
 5 Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL)New York 1947Nuclear and high energy physics, nonproliferation, structural biology, etc.
 6 Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry (CRIEPI)Japan 1951To serve as the comprehensive central research institution for the electric power industry.
 8 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)Bubna 1956To unite the efforts, scientific and material potentials of its Member States for investigations of the fundamental properties of matter.
 9Austrian Research Centre, Siebersdorf (ARCS)Austria1956It provides research and technological development to realize basic innovations for the next generation of infrastructure related technologies in the fields of health & environment, enery, mobility and safety & security.
 10Bulgarian Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE)Bulgaria1972To connect the milestone problems Bulgaria in accordance with the modern world tendencies by carrying out scietific investigations.
 11Central Research Institute of Management, Economics and Information of Minatom of Russia (TSNIIATOMINFORM)Russia1967To facilitate the management of the research and production branches of the nuclear industry and to provide reliable technical and economic information to the industry.
 12European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)Switzerland1954To provide the particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high-energy physics research.
 13Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission) (CEA)France1945To develop all applications of nuclear power, both civilian and military
 14Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA)Egypt1955National research and development in the basic and applied peaceful nuclear research
 15European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)Belgium----To focus on both nuclear safeguards and nuclear safety and includes work at the High Flux Reactor in Petten under a supplementary programme.
 16Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH (Jülich Research Centre)Europe1956To provide impetus and are engaged as a partner throughout the entire value-adding process of research from basic research up to actual innovations, etc.
 17Government of India Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)India1948
To increase share of nuclear power through deployment of indigenous and other proven technologies, along with development of fast breeder reactors and thorium reactors with associated fuel cycle facilities
 18Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research  (IGCAR)India1971conducting broad based multidisciplinary programme of scientific research and advanced Engineering, directed towards the development of sodium cooled Fast Breeder Reactor [FBR] technology
 19Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)Norway1948To contribute to the extension of safe and profitable use of multiphase transportation systems.
 20Institute of Advanced Energy, Kyoto University(IAE)Japan1971To carry out research in advanced and socially acceptable energy systems in the entire processes of energy generation, conversion and utilization.
 21Instituto de Pesquisas Energeticas e Nucleares (IPEN)Brasil1956To perform research and development of nuclear energy
peaceful applications.
 22International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor(ITER)France----To demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power.
 23Israel Atomic Energy Commission (IAEC)Israel1952To focus in concerning the advancement of nuclear research and development, and the setting of nuclear policy and priorities.
 24Japan Atomic Energy Agency(JAEA)Japan2005Long term energy security countermeasures to environmental problems, creation of advanced science and technology with competitive edges.
 25Jozef Stefan Institute(IJS)Belgrade1949To provide expert scientific and applied output in the form of processes, products and consultancy, and to produce well-trained young scientists.
 26Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI)South Korea1959To strengthen the competitive edge of the nation's science and technology by achieving technological self-reliance in nuclear technology and expanding its research activities to other related areas.
 27Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(LLNL)California1952To ensure the safety, security and reliability of the nation’s nuclear weapons through the application of advanced science, engineering and technology.
 28Los Alamos National Laboratory(LANL)United States1943To ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the nation's nuclear deterrent.
 29Nuclear Materials Control Centre(NMCC)Japan1972To promote improvement of nuclear material management industry and systems and international collaboration concerned with nuclear material management, and thereby to contribute to sound development of nuclear power industry and peaceful utilization of nuclear power
 30Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)Oak Ridge, Tennessee1943To maintain the vitality of the Laboratory, enhance the Laboratory’s ability to address future DOE missions, and stimulate exploration at the forefront of science and technology.
 31Oxford Research Group(ORG)United Kingdom1982Pioneering the idea of sustainable approaches to security as an alternative to violent global confrontation, through original research wide ranging dialogue and practical policy recommendations.
 32Paul Scherrer Institute(PSI)Switzerland1988 By conducting fundamental and applied research, we work on long-term solutions for major challenges facing society, industry and science.
 33Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology(CEIMAT)Spain1951To contribute to the sustainable development of the country and the quality of life of its citizens, through the generation and application of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of energy.
 34Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) - Department of Energy Technology  (KTH-EGI)Sweden1827To provide state-of-the-art education in the fields of power generation, solar energy, and energy utilization in the built environment by means of economically and environmentally sustainable systems and technologies.
 35Sandia National Laboratory California1948To maintain the reliability and surety of nuclear weapon systems, conduct research and development in arms controland nonproliferation technologies, and investigate methods for the disposal of the United States' nuclear weapons program's hazardous waste.
 36Savannah River Site(SRS) United States1950 cleanup activities related to work done in the past for the nation's nuclear buildup.
 37South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA)South Africa1999To undertake and promote research and development in the field of nuclear energy and related technologies; to process and store nuclear material and other restricted material; and to co-ordinate with other organisations in matters falling within these spheres.
 38UK Atomic Energy Authority(UKAEA)UK1954To develop fusion power as a commercially viable, environmentally sound energy source for the future.

Agricultural Research Centers In World

S.No. Agricultural Research Center Abbr. Headquarter Year Of Estb.Objective
1 Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research CGIAR Centers with different headquarters 1971 To attempt to ensure maximum complementarity of international and regional efforts with national efforts in financing and undertaking agricultural research in the future
 2  International Center For Tropical Agriculture  CIAT  Colombia 1969 To reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human health in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture.
 3  The Center for International Forestry Research  CIFOR  Indonesia 1993 To provide a scientific rationale for the sustainable management of forests, etc.
 4  International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center  CIMMYT  Mexico 1943 The conservation and utilization of maize and wheat genetic resources, developing and promoting improved maize and wheat varieties
 5  International Potato Center  CIP  Peru 1971 To work with partners to achieve food security, well-being, and gender equity for poor people in root and tuber farming, and food systems in the developing world
 6  International Center For Agricultural Research In The Dry Areas  ICARDA  Syria 1977 To contribute to the improvement of livelihoods of the resource-poor in dry areas by enhancing food security and alleviating poverty through research and partnerships to achieve sustainable increases in agricultural productivity and income, while ensuring the efficient and more equitable use and conservation of natural resources.
 7  International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics  ICRISAT  India 1972 To minimize land degradation and improve the food security and livelihood opportunities for rural people in rainfed area.
 8  International Food Policy Research Institute  IFPRI  USA 1975 To enhance food security, reduce poverty, and improve environmental sustainability under global change
 9  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA Nigeria 1967 Primarily as a facilitator of germplasm movement, ensure  the production of good quality and healthy plants by intercepting and guarding against the introduction of exotic seed borne pests or races of pathogen, etc.
 11  International Livestock Research Research Institute  ILRI  Kenya 1994 To work at the crossroads of livestock and poverty, bringing high-quality science and capacity-building to bear on poverty reduction and sustainable development for poor livestock keepers and their communities
 12  International Rice Research Institute  IRRI Laguna 1960 Make the world's elite breeding and genetic resources available to all rice scientists for direct use or in crosses within breeding programs, etc.
 13  International Water Management Institute  IWMI Sri Lanka 1985 To focus in improving how water and land resources are managed, with the aim of underpinning food security and reducing poverty while safeguarding vital environmental processes

Agricultural Research Centers In India

S.No. Agricultural Research Center Abbr. Location Year Of Estb.  Objective
 1 Central Arid Zone Research Institute CAZRI Rajasthan 1952 To find ways to stabilising shifting sand dunes, establishing silipastoral and firewood plantations, planting windbreaks to reduce wind speed and subsequent erosion, rehabilitating degraded forests and starting afforestation of barren hill slopes.
 2 Central Food Technological Research Institute CFTRI Mysore 1950 Employment generation, Food processing , Rural Development
Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute CIFRI West Bengal  1947
To conduct investigations for a proper appraisal of inland fisheries resources of the country and to evolve suitable methods for their conservation and optimum utilization.
 4 Central Institute for Cotton Research CICR   Maharashtra
1976 To characterize the bio-physical and socio-economic factors under the selected area of that Agro Ecological sub-region, To identify the agro-economic constraints in rainfed cotton based production system.
 5 Central Institute for Research on Goats  CIRG Uttar Pradesh 1929 To plan, undertake, aid, promote and co-ordinate education, research and its application in agriculture, agroforestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, home science and allied sciences
Central Plantation Crops Research Institute CPCRI
Kerala  1970
 To develop appropriate production, protection and processing technologies for coconut, arecanut and cocoa through basic and applied research,etc.
 7 Directorate of Maize Research DMR New Delhi  1994 To carry out basic, strategic and applied research aimed at enhancement of production and productivity of maize crop in the country, etc.
  Directorate of Wheat Research

 Organize, evolve, coordinate and supervise research to develop and identify superior and high yielding varieties.

  Indian Agricultural Research Institute

 New Delhi
 Agriculture research, education, extension and information.
 Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute

New Delhi
estb. as full fledged national institute of ICAR in1978
 To provide statistical methodology for national agricultural statistics system of the country for generating crop statistics and livestock statistics.
 11 Indian Institute of Forest Management IIFM Bhopal 1982 To fulfill the growing need for managerial human resource in forest and allied sectors. IIFM has developed as an educational, research, training and consultancy organization and is gradually acquiring an internationally visible name.
 12 National Academy of Agricultural Research Management NAARM Andra Pradesh 1976 To build the capacity of India’s National Agricultural Research System in Research Management by providing online, non-formal, free and interactive learning opportunitie.
 13  National Botanical Research Institute
Uttar Pradesh found as the National Botanic Gardens in 1948 Creation of website on "Plants and Pollution" with regional language interface for easy accession of information, To document information in the form of database, newsletters, reports, To generate and disseminate information on "Plants and Pollution", To respond to the user queries on the subject, To co-ordinate with the focal point for supplying relevant and adequate information to end users.
 14 National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources NBAGR Haryana 1984 To conduct systematic surveys to characterise, evaluate and catalogue farm livestock and poultry genetic resources and to establish their National Data Base, etc.
 15 National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources NBPGR New Delhi 1976 To plan, organize, conduct and coordinate exploration and collection of indigenous and exotic plant genetic resources, To undertake introduction, exchange and quarantine of plant genetic resources, etc.
16 National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research NCAP New Delhi 1991 Enhance the availability of reliable household, individual and field specific, high frequency, time series data in selected villages and meso-level.     
National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management
To develop systematic linkages between state, regional, national and international institutions of outstanding accomplishments in the field of Agricultural Extension Management, et.
18 National Institute of Agricultural Marketing NIAM Rajasthan 1988 To undertake and study of applied and operational research in problem areas of agricultural marketing. To impart training, to various levels of functionaries involved in agricultural marketing activities.  To offer consultancy services to the State and Central Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Cooperatives etc; in formulation of Projects, preparing Master Plans for States, Export Institutions, Traders and Farmers.
19 Sugarcane Breeding Institute SBI Tamil Nadu 1912 To evolve superior varieties of sugarcane suitable for various agro climatic zones in India.
20 Directorate of Water Management  DWM Bhubaneswar 1988 To develop improved water management technologies for sustainable agricultural production and disseminate it amongst researchers, government functionaries, NGOs and farmers.
21 Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering CIAE Bhopal 1976 To develop appropriate equipment and processes for modernization of agriculture utilizing animate and mechanical power sources, To develop technology for reducing post harvest losses and add value to agro-produce through processing.
22 Central Institute of Brackishwater Acquaculture CIBA Chennai 1987 To conduct research for development of techno-economically viable and sustainable culture systems for finfish and shellfish in brackishwater.
23 Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture CIFA Orissa 1949 To conduct investigations for a proper appraisal of inland fisheries resources of the country and to evolve suitable methods for their conservation and optimum utilization.
24 National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources NBPGR New Delhi 1976 To serve and promote the scientific cause and advance academic interests in the field of plant genetic resources, both in India and abroad.
25 National Dairy Research Institute NDRI Haryana 1923 To enhance animal productivity and also to develop cost effective technologies for the benefit of the teeming millions.

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