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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Largest Gold Reserves of The World

1. United States of America
United States of America has the largest Gold Reserves of the world. The country has 8,133.5 tonnes of gold which constitutes 77.4 per cent of the country's total forex reserves. Besides USA is world's third highest buyer and fourth largest producer of gold. Do you know what is USA's GDP ? It is $ 14.3 Trillion which is largest in the world and constitutes 1/4 of Global GDP (nominal) and 1/5 of Global GDP at ppp (Purchasing power parity) (2008 figures)

2. Germany
Germany is world's number 2 holder of Gold Reserves. It had 3,408.3 tons of gold comprising approximately 69.2 per cent of the country's total forex reserves. Germany is world's number 4 economy.

3. International Monetary Fund:
IMF the multilateral financing agency with 186 countries as member, has 3,217.3 tonnes of gold.

4. Italy:
Italy has 2,451.8 tonnes of gold. Italy is 7th largest economy of the world.

5. France
France has 2451.5 tonnes of Gold. Do you know which one is largest economy in the European Union. Yes it is France. Please note that France is also the most visited country of the world as the coutry tops the International tourist arrivals by country of destination 2008 a ranking by World Toursim Organisation. The World Tourism rankings are compiled by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as part of their World Tourism Barometer publication. in 2009, 82 million tourists visited France.

6. China
Our neighbour possesses 1,054 tonnes of gold. No need to mention that China has been the fastest growing economy of the world with 10% average GDP growth for the last 3 decades. It is the third largest economy after US & Japan. GDP? $ 4.4 Trillion

7. Switzerland
Switzerland , one of the richest nations of the world, possesses 1,040.1 tonnes. Apart from being home to the rich, some cities of the european country have been ranked as having highest qualities of Life.

When it comes to overall quality of living, Zurich, Geneva and Bern have for years occupied top slots in international rankings.

8. Japan
The second largest economy of the world possesses 765.2 tonnes of Gold.
Please Note :
  1. Japan : 2nd Largest Economy by nominal GDP
  2. Japan : 3rd largest Economy by GDP on PPP
  3. Japan : 4th Largest exporter
  4. Japan : 6th largest Importer
  5. And the only coutry in G-8 from Asian continent.
9. The Netherlands
Netherlands is in possession of 612.5 tonnes of gold.
The Dutch market is one of the most free market capitalist economies in the world.

10. Russia
Russia has 568.4 tonnes of gold . Please note that Russia is 6th largest producer of Gold and 7th largest buyer of Gold.

11. India
India is on 11th rank in terms of Gold reserves with 557.7 tonnes of gold.
This 557.7 tonnes of Gold constitutes about 6 per cent of the country's forex reserves.
Recently India bought 200 tonnes of Gold for $ 6.7 Billion @ $1045 per ounce. Please note that we have paid this money to IMF in hard currency and not in SDR (Special Drawing Rights).

World Places Famous for Industries

Baku (Russia):::Petroleum
Bangkok (Thailand):::Shipping
Belfast (Ireland):::Ship buildings, Linen goods
Buenos Aires (Argentina):::Dairy Products
Cadiz (Spain):::Cork
Chicago (U.S.A.):::Gramophone
Detroit (U.S.A.):::Automobiles
Dresden:::Optical and P h o t o g r a p h i c apparatus
Glasgow (Scotland):::Machinery, Textiles
Havana (Cuba):::Cigar
Hollywood (U.S.A.):::Films
Johannesburg (South Africa):::Gold Mines
Kimberley (South Africa):::Diamond Mining
Leeds (England):::Woollen Goods
Los Angeles (U.S.A.):::Film, Oil
Lyons (France):::Silk
Morocco (North Africa):::Leather
Munich (Germany):::Lenses
New Orleans (U.S.A.):::Cotton
Pitsburg (U.S.A.):::Iron and Steel
Plymouth (England):::Ship building
Venice (Italy):::Glass
Vienna (Austria):::Glass
Wellington (New Zealand):::Dairy Products