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Thursday, July 28, 2016

General Knowledge Questions About First in India and World

1. Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held —New Delhi 
2. Who is the first person to set foot on Moon —Neil Armstrong 
3. Which was the first talkie film of India —Alam Ara 
4. Which was the first English ship that came to India —Red Dragon 
5. Which was the first newspaper to be published in India —Bengal Gazette 
6. At which one place did Mahatma Gandhi first start his Satyagraha in India —Champaran 
7. By which ruler was the practice of military governorship first introduced in India —Greeks 
8. Who was the first person to cross the Alps with army —Hannibal 
9. The first railway line in India was opened in which year —1853 
10. Which metal was first discovered by man —Copper 
11. From when was the Zero Base Budgeting in India first experimented —April, 1987 
12. Who was the first Indian woman President of the Indian National Congress —Sarojini Naidu 
13. During India's Freedom Struggle, which led to the first 'All India Hartal' —Protest against Rowlatt Act 
14. Which Rajputa king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time —Prithviraj III
15. Where were first Olympic Games held —776 B.C. 
16. In which year was the first no confidence motion moved in the Lok Sabha after independence —1963 
17. In which country was Buddhism first propogated outside India —Srilanka 
18. Who was the first Indian to be honoured with a lifetime achievement Oscar Award —Satyajit Roy 
19. By whom was Gene first isolated —Hargobind Khurana 
20. Which was the first woman to climb Mount Everest —Junko Tabei 
21. By whom was the Bhakti Movement first organised —Ramananda 
22. Which first Europeans came to India —Portuguese 
23. When did man first land on moon —1969 
24. Which was the first woman Governor of a State in free India —Mrs. Sarojini Neidu 
25. Who was the first General-Secretary of the Indian National Congress —Dadabhai Neoroii 
26. Which is the first geostationary telecommunication satellite of India —APPLE 
27. Which first Indian leader to undergo imprisonment in 1882 —Vijiaraghavachari 
28. What is the duration of proclamation of Financial Emergency —At the first instance two months 
29. Which was the first metal used by man —Copper 
30. In which Aryans first settled —Punjab 
31. The Asian Games were held in Delhi for the first time in which year —1951 
32. Who was the first speaker of the Lok Sabha —Malgaonkar 
33. Who was the first Indian to win the World Amateur Billiards title —Wilson Jones 
34. Who was the first asian to have received the Nobel Prize —R.N. Tagore 
35. Who was the first Sultan of Delhi to introduce the practice of ‘Sijda' —Balban 
36. By whom was Swaraj as a national demand first 'made —Dadabhai Naoroji 
37. During the Mughal period which trader first came to India —English 
38. Which God lost his importance as the first deity during the Later Vedic period —Varuna 
39. Which was the first scholar, who read Ashokan edicts —James Princep 
40. Which was the first National Security Advisor of India —Brajesh Mishra 
41. What is the first compound which is fixed during photosynthesis —Glucose 
42. In India, which first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 —Oudh Commercial Bank 
43. By whom was first women's university in India was founded —Dhondo Keshave Karve 
44. Who was the member of the Rajya Sabha when first appointed as the Prime Minister of India —Indira Gandhi 
45. Which is the first company-managed major port in India —Ennore 
46. From-which date shall the tenure of every Panchayat be for five years —From the date of its first meeting 
47. What was the first venture of Gandhiji in all- India politics —Rowlatt Satyagraha 
48. Which is the first multipurpose river valley project of independent India —Damodar Valley Corporation 
49. Who was the first Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of India —Shri V. T. Krishnamachari 
50. Who was the first Defence Minister of India —N. Gopalaswami Ayyangar 
51. Which was the first woman film star nominated/elected to the Rajya Sabha —Nargis Dutt 
52. Which was the first fort constructed by the British in India —Fort Sf. George 
53. Which first woman to become a Chief Minister of any State in India —Sucheta Kripalani 
54. Who was the President of the First Buddhist Council held at Rajagriha —Mahakassapa 
55. Who were the first to establish trade contacts with the Roman empire —Tamils 
56. The first law of thermodynamics is concerned with the conservation of which thing —Energy 
57. By whom was the first Muslim invasion of India lead —Mohammad-bin-Qasim 
58. What was Sachin Tendulkar's average when he made his first thousand runs in ODls —35.83 
59. Which was the medieval ruler who was the first to establish a ministry of agriculture —Mohammad-bin- Tughlaq 
60. Who was the leader to have the unique distinction of firing the first shot in the rebellion of 1857 —Mangal Pande 
61. Which Act gave representation to Indians for the first time in the Legislature —Government of India Act, 1935
62. Who first voiced the idea of a separate Muslim state in India —Mohammad Iqbal 
63. Who was the first foreigner to invade India —Darius I
64. Where was the first iron and steel industry of India established —Jemshedpur 
65. In which year did the first modem Olympic Games take place —1896 
66. During whose reign did the Mongols first invade India —lltutmish 
67. Who was the first Indian to get selected in ICS —Surendranath Banerjee 
68. Who was the first Governor General of Bengal —Warren Hastings 
69. Who were the first Europeans to reach India for trade —Portuguese 
70. Which decade is celebrated as First International Decade of the World's Indigenous People —1994-2004 
71. Which decade is celebrated as First United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty —1997-2006 
72. Which was the first Asian lady swimmer to have crossed the English Channel —Arati Saha 
73. Who firstly predicated the existence of electromagnetic waves —Maxwell 
74. The massive hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctica was first discovered in which year —1985 
75. Who is the first Air Chief to receive the honour of "Marshal" —Arjun Singh 
76. By whom was first successful vaccine against virul disease of small pox discovered —Edward Jenner 
77. In which year was Vande Mataram first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress —1896 
78. Which State was first annexed by Lord Dalhousie under the Doctrine of Lapse —Satara 
79. Which was the first to legalize euthanasia —Netherlands 
80. In India, in which was the service tax first introduced —1994 
81. Which ruler at first assumed the title of 'Hazrat-i-Ala' and afterwards 'Sultan' —Sher Shah Suri 
82. In which of the years was the first Railway line between Bombay and Thane laid —1853 
83. When the first metal tool came into being why was it used for —Clearing jungles 
84. Which was the first State to become bifurcated after independence —Madras 
85. By whom was the first attempt to initiate economic planning in India made —By M. Visvesvaraya 
86. Who was the first Muslim President of Indian National Congress —Badruddin Tyyabji 
87. Who was the first Englishman to preside over a Congress session —George Yule 
88. In which year, some more commercial banks in addition to the first lot of 141 were nationalised in India —1980 
89. Which first movement was launched against the British in India —Swadeshi Movement 
90. By whom was the first republic of the world established in Vaishali —Lichhavi 
91. Who was the first woman to win the Jnanpith Award —Ashapurna Devi 
92. Who among the first Indian to receive the Magsaysay award —Vinoba Bhave 
93. Who was the first leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha —Kamlapati Tripathi 
94. Who was the first 'Indian to swim across English Channel —Mihir Sen 
95. Who was the first Indian woman to swim across the English Channel —Arati Saha 
96. In which State was the Panchayatl Raj first introduced —Rajasthan 
97. Who laid the foundation of the first independent Turkish kingdom in India —Outubuddin Aibak 
98. Who was the first European to translate the Bhagwad Gita into English —Charles Wilkins 
99. Who first divided his empire into Iqtas during the process of civil administration —Iltutmish 
100. Which country ranks first in producing teak —Thailand 
101. Who has become the first Indian to score a-triple century in Tests —Virender Sehwag 
102. Which war was ended by the Treaty of Madras —First Mysore war 
103. Where was first Madarasa set up by the British in India —Calcutta 
104. What is the first large research reactor of India that uses U-233 as fuel —KAMINI 
105. Who is considered as the first national ruler of India —Chandragupta Maurya 
106. Who is the first non-Indian to receive the Bharat Ratna —Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan 
107. Who was the first and the last woman ruler of Delhi —Razia Sultan 
108. Who was the first President of the Indian Trade Union Congress in 1920 —Lala Lajpat Rai 
109. Journalist's day was celebrated for the first time all over the country on which date —Oct 1, 1984 
110. Who set up the Atmiya Sabha in Kolkata in the first half of the nineteenth century —Ram Mohan Roy 
111. The first Indian to cross seven important seas by swimming —Buljl Chaudhary 
112. By whom was Artificial gene synthesis first done in laboratory —Hargovind Khurana 
113. Which Act formally introduced the principles of elections for the first time —Indian Councils Act, 1909 
114. Who was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest —Bachhendri Pal 
115. What is the first month of the 'Saka era' —Chaitra 
116. Who was awarded the first Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award —Mother Teresa 
117. Which was the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everest —Bachendri Pal 
118. Which is the scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time —William Harvey 
119. Who is the world's first woman cosmonaut —Valentina Tereshkova 
120. In which was Indian Constitution amended for the first time —1951 
121. When was the Constituent Assembly for undivided India first met —9th December, 1946 
122. Who was the first Indian woman who owns the gold medal in Asian Games —Kamaljit Sandhu 
123. 'Holding a Bandh' was declared illegal for the first time in India by which High Courts —Kerala High Court 
124. The first major inscription in classical Sanskrit is that of which king —Rudradaman 
125. Who produced the first film in India 'Raja Harishchandra' in 1913 —Dada Saheb Phalke 
126. Who among the issued the coin rupee for the first time —Shershah Suri 
127. In what commodity the English first conducted trade from India —Indigo 
128. By whom was the calculation of electronegativities first done —Pauling 
129. What was the first major inscription in classical —Sanskrit of Rudradaman 
130. When was the first 'International Non-Smoking Day' observed all over the world —04.07.1988 
131. Which was the first dynasty of the Vijayanagar kingdom —Sangama 
132. The first Commonwealth Games were held in the year 1930 at which place —Hamilton (Canada) 
133. Which Scientist first explained about circulatory system —William Harvey 
134. Which is the first Indian woman to reach Olympic finals in individual track events —P.T. Usha 
135. The Ninth Schedule was added by which Amendment —First 
136. In which year did the Congress loose its monopoly of power in the States for the first time after the elections —1967 
137. Which is the first National Park established in India —Corbett National Park 
138. In which year did India first take part in the Olympic Games —1920 
139. Who was the first woman Chief Justice of a High Court —Leila Seth 
140. Who was the first woman minister of a state —Rajkumari Amrit Kaur 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Important National and Independence Days of All Countries

January 1 – Camaroon-Independence Day 
January 1 – Haiti-Independence Day 
January 1 – Western Samoa-Independence Day
January 1 – Sudan-National Day 
January 1 – Burma-Independence Day 
January 1 – Chad-Independence Day 
January 1 – Australia-Australia Day 
January 1 – Nauru-Independence Day 
January 1 – Cuba - Liberation Day
January 4 – Myanmar-Independence Day
January 9 – Northern Mariana Islands- National Day
January 13 – Togo - Togolais Day
January 26 – Australia - Australia Day
January 31 – Nauru - National Day


February 4 – Ceylon/Sri Lanka-Independence Day 
February 6 – New Zealand-Waitangi Day
February 7 – Grenada-Independence Day 
February 11 – Iran-Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
February 16 – Lithuania - Independence Day
February 18 – Gambia-Independence Day 
February 22 – St Lucia-National Day
February 23 – Guyana-National Day
February 23 – Brunei Darussalam-Independence Day
February 24 – Estonia-Independence Day
February 25 – Kuwait-National Day
February 27 – Dominican Republic-Independence Day 


March 1 – Wales-National Day-St. David's Day 
March 1 – Bosnia & Herzegovina-National Day
March 3 – Morocco-National Day 
March 3 – Bulgaria-National Day
March 6 – Ghana-Independence Day
March 12 – Mauritius-Independence Day 
March 17 – Ireland-St. Patrick's Day 
March 19 – Liechtenstein-St.Joseph's Day 
March 20 – Tunisia-Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tunisia
March 21 – Namibia-Independence Day
March 23 – Pakistan-Pakistan Day 
March 25 – Greece-Independence Day 
March 26 – Bangladesh-Independence Day 


April 4 – Hungary-Liberation Day 
April 4 – Senegal-Independence Day 
April 16 – Denmark-Queen's Birthday 
April 17 – Syria-Independence Day 
April 18 – Zimbabwe/Rhodesia-Independence Day 
April 19 – Sierra Leone-Republic Day
April 26 – Tanzania-Independence Day
April 26 – Yugoslavia-Constitution Day (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)
April 27 – Austria-Founding of the Second Republic 
April 27 – South Africa-Freedom Day
April 27 – Sierra Leone-Independence Day 
April 27 – Togo-Independence Day 
April 28 – Afghanistan-Victory of the Afghan Jehad
April 29 – Japan-Emporer's Birthday 
April 30 – The Netherlands/Holland-Queen's Birthday 

May 1 – Marshall Islands-National Day
May 3 – Poland-National Day
May 9 – European Union-European Day
May 9 – Czechoslovakia-Anniversary of Liberation 
May 11 – Laos-Constitution or National Day 
May 12 – Israel-Independence Day
May 14 – Paraguay-Independence Day 
May 15 – Israel-Independence Day 
May 17 – Norway-Constitution Day 
May 20 – Cuba-Independence Day 
May 20 – Cameroon-National Day
May 22 – Yemen-National Day
May 24 – Eritrea-Independence Day
May 25 – Argentina-National Day 
May 25 – Jordan-Independence Day 
May 26 – Guyana-Independence Day 
May 26 – Georgia-National Day
May 28 – Azerbaijan-National Day
May 28 – Ethiopia-National Day
May 30 – Croatia-Statehood Day
May 31 – South Africa-Republic Day 


June 1 – Tunisia-National Day
June 1 – Western Samoa-Independence Day 
June 2 – West Germany-Republic Day 
June 2 – Italy-Republic or Constitution Day 
June 4 – Tonga-Emancipation Day
June 5 – Seychelles-Independence Day 
June 6 – Sweden-National Day 
June 10 – Portugal-Portugal Day, Camoes Day & Day of Portuguese Communities
June 12 – The Philippines-Independence Day 
June 12 – Russia-National Day
June 17 – Iceland-Republic Day 
June 18 – Seychelles-National Day
June 19 – Kuwait-National Day 
June 23 – Luxembourg-National Day & Official Birthday of HRH the Grand Duke
June 25 – Croatia-Independence Day 
June 25 – Slovenia-National Day
June 25 – Mozambique-Independence Day 
June 26 – Malagasy Republic/Madagascar-Independence Day 
June 27 – Djibouti-Independence Day 
June 30 – Republic of Congo/Kinshasa-Independence Day 
June 30 – Zaire-Independence Day 

July 1 – Burundi-Independence Day 
July 1 – Canada-Canada Day 
July 1 – Ghana-Republic Day 
July 1 – Rwanda-Independence Day 
July 1 – Somalia-Independence Day 
July 3 
– Belarus: National Day
July 4 – United States of American-Independence Day 
July 5 – Venezuela-Independence Day 
July 6 – Malawi-Independence Day 
July 9 – Argentina-Independence Day 
July 10 – Bahamas-Independence Day 
July 11 – Mongolia-Revolution Day 
July 12 – Sao Tome and Principe-Independence Day 
July 14 – France-Bastille Day 
July 14 – Iraq-Republic Day 
July 17 – South Korea-Constitution Day 
July 20 – Colombia-Independence Day 
July 21 – Belgium-Independence Day 
July 22 – Poland-Liberation Day 
July 23 – Egypt-National Day 
July 23 – Ethiopia-Emperor's Birthday 
July 26 – Liberia-Independence Day 
July 26 – Maldive Islands-Independence Day 
July 28 – Peru-Independence Day 

August 1 – Dahomey-Independence Day 
August 1 – Switzerland-Confederation Day 
August 5 – Upper Volta-Independence Day 
August 6 – Bolivia-Independence Day 
First Monday in August – Jamaica-Independence Day 
August 7 – Ivory Coast-Independence Day 
August 9 – Singapore-National Day 
August 10 – Ecuador-Independence Day 
August 14 – Pakistan-Independence Day 
August 15 – Republic of Congo/Brazzaville-Independence Day 
August 15 – India-Independence Day 
August 16 – Cyprus-Independence Day 
August 17 – Gabon-Independence Day 
August 17 – Indonesia-Independence Day 
August 18 – Afghanistan-Independence Day 
August 23 – Rumania-Liberation Day 
August 25 – Uruguay-Independence Day 
August 31 – Trinidad and Tobago-Independence Day 
August 31 – Malaysia-Merdeka Day (Freedom Day) 

September 1 – Libya-Revolution Day 
September 2 – Vietnam-National Day 
September 3 – Qatar-Independence Day 
September 3 – San Marino-Anniversary of Founding 
September 6 – Swaziland-Independence Day 
September 7 – Brazil-Independence Day 
September 8 – Andorra-National Festival 
September 9 – North Korea-Founding Day 
September 9 – Bulgaria-Liberation Day 
September 15 – Costa Rica-Independence Day 
September 15 – El Salvador-Independence Day 
September 15 – Guatemala-Independence Day 
September 15 – Honduras-Independence Day 
September 15 – Nicaragua-Independence Day 
September 16 – Mexico-Independence Day 
September 16 – Papua-New Guinea-Independence Day 
September 18 – Chile-Independence Day 
September 21 – Belize-Independence Day 
September 21 – Malta-Independence Day 
September 22 – Mali-Republic Day 
September 23 – Saudi Arabia-National Day 
September 26 – Yemen-National Day 
September 30 – Botswana-Independence Day 

October 1-2 – People's Republic of China-National Day 
October 1 – Nigeria-Independence Day 
October 2 – Guinea-Independence Day 
October 4 – Lesotho (Basutoland) Independence Day 
October 7 – Fiji-Cession Day around 
October 7 – East Germany-Constitution Day 
October 9 – Uganda-Wasteland Day 
October 10 – Republic of China/Taiwan-National Day 
October 12 – Spain-National Day 
October 24 – Zambia-Independence Day
October 26 – Iran-Birthday of the Shah 
October 26 – South Vietnam-Republic Day 
October 27 – Saint Vincent and Grenadines-Independence Day 
October 29 – Turkey-Republic Day 

November 1 – Algeria-Revolution Day 
November 3 – Panama-Independence Day 
November 3 – Dominica-Independence Day 
November 7 – Soviet Union-Revolution Day 
November 9 – Cambodia-Independence Day 
November 11 – Angola-Wasteland Day 
November 11 – Rhodesia-Independence Day 
November 12 – Saudi Arabia-The King's Coronation 
November 12 – Comoros-Independence Day 
November 19 – Monaco-National Fete 
November 22 – Lebanon-Independence Day 
November 25 – Suriname-Independence Day 
November 28 – Albania-Coors Day 
November 28 – Mauritania-Independence Day 
November 29 – Southern Yemen-Coors Day 
November 29-30 – Yugoslavia-Republic Days 
November 30 – Barbados-Independence Day 

December 1 – Central African Republic-National Day 
December 5 – Thailand-His Majesty's Birthday 
December 6 – Finland-Independence Day 
December 9 – Tanzania-Independence Day 
December 11 – Upper Volta-Republic Day 
December 12 – Kenya-Independence Day 
December 18 – Niger-Independence Day 
December 21 – Nepal-Independence Day

Sunday, February 7, 2016

List of World Heritage Sites in India 2016

● Agra Fort (1983)
● Ajanta Caves (1983)
● Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi (1989)
● Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park (2004)
● Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) (2004)
● Churches and Convents of Goa (1986)
● Elephanta Caves (1987)
● Ellora Caves (1983)
● Fatehpur Sikri (1986)
● Great Living Chola Temples (1987)
● Group of Monuments at Hampi (1986)
● Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram (1984)
● Group of Monuments at Pattadakal (1987)
● Humayun's Tomb, Delhi (1993)
● Khajuraho Group of Monuments (1986)
● Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya (2002)
● Mountain Railways of India (1999)
● Qutb Minar and its Monuments, Delhi (1993)
● Red Fort Complex (2007)
● Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka (2003)
● Sun Temple, Konârak (1984)
● Taj Mahal (1983)
● The Jantar Mantar, Jaipur (2010)

● Kaziranga National Park (1985)
● Keoladeo National Park (1985)
● Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (1985)
● Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks (1988)
● Sundarbans National Park (1987)

Properties submitted on the Tentative List
● Temples at Bishnupur, West Bengal (1998)
● Buddhist Monastery Complex, Alchi, Leh, known as Alchi Chos-kor (1998)
● Golconda Fort, Hyderbad, Andhra Pradesh (1998)
● Dholavira: a Harappan City, Gujarat, Disstt, Kachchh (1998)
● Rani-ki-Vav (The Queen's Stepwell) at Patan, Gujarat (1998)
● Mattanchery Palace, Ernakulam, Kerala (1998)
● Tomb of Sher Shah Suri, Sasaram, Bihar (1998)
● Group of Monuments at Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (1998)
● Ancient Buddhist Site, Sarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (1998)
● Hemis Gompa (1998)
● Sri Harimandir Sahib, Amritsar, Punjab (2004)
● River Island of Majuli in midstream of Brahmaputra River in Assam (2004)
● Kalka Shimla Railway (2004)
● The Matheran Light Railway (extension to the Mountain Railways of India) (2005)
● Western Ghats (sub cluster nomination) (2006)
● Namdapha National Park (2006)
● Wild Ass Sanctuary, Little Rann of Kutch (2006)
● Kangchendzonga National Park (2006)
● Urban and Architectural Work of Le Corbusier in Chandigarh (2006)
● The Kangra Valley Railway - Extension to the Mountain Railways of India (2009)
● Churchgate - Extension to Mumbai CST (2009)
● The Maharaja Railways of India (2009)
● Oak Grove School (2009)
● Excavated Remains at Nalanda (2009)
● Great Himalayan National Park (2009)
● Bhitarkanika Conservation Area (2009)
● Neora Valley National Park (2009)
● Desert National Park (2009)
● Silk Road Sites in India (2010)
● Santiniketan (2010)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sobriquets - World

Britain of the EastJapan
Britain of the SouthNew Zealand
Battle field of EuropeBelgium
City of CyclesBeijing
City of Dreaming SpiresOxford
City of Eternal SpringsQuito, Ecuador
City of Sky ScrapersNew York
City of Magnificent DistancesWashington D.C
City of Golden GateSan Francisco
City of Seven HillsRome
Cockpit of EuropeBelgium
Copper CountryZambia
Dark ContinentAfrica
Empire CityNew York
Emerald IslandIreland
Eternal CityRome, Italy
Forbidden CityLhasa, Tibet
Gateway of TearsStrait of Bab-el Mandeb
Garden of EnglandKent
George Cross IslandMalta
Granite CityAberdeen, Scotland
Herring PondAtlantic Ocean
Hill QueenShimla
Holy LandPalestine
Hermit KingdomKorea
Island of PearlsBahrain
Island of ClovesMadagascar
Key to the MediterraneanGibraltar
Land of EaglesAlbania
Land of Golden FleeceAustralia
Land of KangarooAustralia
Land of LiliesCanada
Land of Golden PagodaMyanmar
Land of MapleCanada
Land of Thousand LakesFinland
Land of Morning CalmKorea
Land of Rising SunJapan
Land of Setting SunBritain
Land of Midnight SunNorway
Land of LakesScotland
Land of the TulipsNetherlands
Land of White ElephantThailand
Land of Thunder BoltBhutan
Land of Thousand ElephantsLaos
Manchester of the OrientOsaka
Never, Never LandPrairies, Northern Australia
Land of Thunder DragonChina
Nation of Thousand HillsRwanda
Pearl of ArabiaBahrain
Pearl of AntillesCuba
Pillars of HerculesStrait of Gibraltar
Playground of EuropeSwitzerland
Quaker City of USAPhiladelphia
Queen of the AdriaticVenice, Italy
Roof of the WorldPamirs
Sorrow of ChinaRiver Huang Ho
Sickman of EuropeTurkey
Sugar Bowl of WorldCuba
Venice of the NorthStockholm, Sweden
White CityBelgrade
Windy CityChicago
World’s Bread BasketPrairies of North America
Island of FireIceland
Land of WindmillsPolland
Land of Perpetual GreenaryNatal
World Loneliest IslandTristanda Cunha

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Largest in the World

Land Forms
Largest ContinentAsia
Largest LandmassThe Eurasian Landmass
Largest GorgeGrand Canyon, USA
Largest DeltaSundarbans in India and
Largest Peninsula
Largest IslandGreenland
Largest Country in AreaRussia
Largest ArchipelagoIndonesia
Largest DesertSahara, Africa
Largest ForestConiferous Forests of Northern
Largest Plateau
Pamir, Tibet
Largest Mountain RangeThe Himalaya
Largest Cold DesertGobi Desert, Mongolia
Largest Active VolcanoMauna Lao on Hawaii
Largest CaveMammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA
Water Systems
Largest OceanPacific
Largest SeaSouth China Sea
Largest RiverAmazon River
Largest River BasinAmazon River
Largest Salt Water LakeCaspian Sea
Largest Fresh Water LakeLake Superior in North America
Largest Artificial LakeLake Mead at Hoover Dam, USA
Largest BayHudson Bay, North Canada
Largest GulfGulf of Mexico
Largest Inland SeaMediterranean Sea
Largest CanalKeil Canal in Germany
Largest ReefGreat Barrier Reef, Australia
Largest StraitTartar Strait
Largest EstuaryThe Gulf of Ob, Russia
Man Made
Largest TempleAngkorwat, Cambodia
Largest AirportKing Khalid International Airport at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Largest ChurchSt. Peter's Basilica, Rome
Largest MosqueSha Faisal Mosque, Islamabad
Largest EmbassyRussian Embassy, Beijing
Largest War PlaneMirage, France
Largest PrisonKharkov Russia
Largest PalaceImperial Palace, Beijing
Largest HotelMGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, USA
Largest StadiumStrahove, Czech Republic
Largest LibraryUnited States Library of Congress
Largest MuseumAmerican Museum of Natural History, New York
Largest DamThree Gorges, China
Largest Country in PopulationChina
Largest WallThe Great Wall, China
Largest CemeteryLeningrad, Russia
Largest Railway StationGrand Central Terminal, New York
Largest University BuildingUniversity Of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Largest Open UniversityIndira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
Largest Steel PlantNippon Steel Plant, Japan
Largest StatueStatue of Liberty
Flora and Fauna
Largest AnimalBlue Whale
Largest Land AnimalThe African Bush Elephant
Largest ParkWood Buffalo National Park, Canada
Largest ZooKrugal National Park, South Africa
Largest River IslandMajuli, Assam
Largest WingspanAlbatross
Largest BirdOstrich
Largest PlanetJupiter
Largest DemocracyIndia
Largest ElectorateIndia
Largest DiamondThe Cullinan
Largest ParliamentThe National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China

Smallest, Highest, Longest, Deepest, Tallest in the World

Smallest In the World
Smallest ContinentAustralia
Smallest OceanArctic Ocean
Smallest CountryVatican
Smallest BirdHumming Bird
Smallest Flowering PlantWolffia
Smallest PlanetMercury
Smallest MuseumArizona, US
Smallest PCSpace Cube
Smallest ColonyGibraltar

Highest in the world:
Highest Mountain PeakMt. Everest
Highest LakeTiticaca, Bolivia
Highest PlateauTibet
Highest WaterfallAngel Falls, Venezuela
Highest AirportLhasa Airport, Tibet
Highest RailwayQinghai - Tibet
Highest Railway StationCondor Station, Bolivia
Highest Mountain PeakMt. Everest, Nepal
Highest ContinentAntarctica
Highest Active VolcanoGuayathiri, Chile
Highest BridgeMilau, France
Highest River BridgeRoyal Gorge, Colorado
Highest Capital CityLa Paz, Bolivia

Longest In the World:
Longest riverNile, Egypt
Longest Road
Longest Railway Platform
Pan American Highway
Kharagpur, West Bengal
Longest DamHirakud, Orissa
Longest Railway TunnelSeikan Rail Tunnel, Japan
Longest Railway LineTrans-Siberian Railway, Russia
Longest Ship CanalSuez Canal
Longest Road TunnelSt. Gothard Road Tunnel, Switzerland
Longest Fresh Water LakeLake Tanganyika
Longest WallGreat Wall of China
Longest AirportDallas, USA
Longest DayJune 21
Longest Swimming CanalEnglish Canal

Deepest in the World
Deepest OceanPacific Ocean
Deepest LakeLake Baikal, Siberia
Deepest Point in the OceanChallenger deep of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean
Deepest GorgeHell’s Canyon, USA

Tallest in the World
Tallest MinaretSultan Hassan Mosque, Egypt
Tallest FountainFountain Hills, Arizona
Tallest Free Standing StructureCN Tower,Toronto, Canada
Tallest Active GeyserSteam Boat Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Tallest BuildingBurj Khalifa in Dubai
Tallest TreeThe Redwood Tree
Tallest AnimalGiraffe
Tallest RoadKhardungla Pass, Leh Manali, India
Tallest BridgeRoyal Gorge Arkansas, America
Tallest StatueStatue of Motherland, USSR
Tallest Railway lineQuin - Hai – Tibet, China
Tallest Office BuildingPetronas Twin Tower, Kualalumpur, Malaysia

Fastest Land AnimalCheetah
Oldest National FlagDenmark
Fastest BirdSwift
Shortest RiverRoe River in Montana
Lowest Point on EarthDead Sea
Most Densely Populated ProvinceMonacco
Least Populous CityVatican
The Oldest PlantRose
The Oldest Capital CityDamascus
Most Poisonous FishPuffer fish
Coldest PlaceVostok, Antarctica
Hottest PlanetVenus
Strongest Natural FibreSilk
Lowest TemperatureAbsolute Zero -273 °C
Widest BridgeSydney Harbour Bridge
Busiest AirportChicago O'Hare International Airport
Lowest MountainsBheinna Bhaile
Hottest RegionNorth-West Sahara, Azisia, Libya
Fastest PlanetMercury
Coldest PlanetNeptune
Widest WaterfallKhone Falls
Oldest ReligionHinduism
Slowest AnimalSnail
Heaviest RainfallMawsynram, India
Driest PlaceDeath Valley, California
Hottest PlaceAzizia, Libya
Shortest DayDecember 22