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Indian States General Knowledge Questions

1. In which state has India's largest private sector sea port been commissioned recently —Andhra Pradesh 
2. Which Indian State has the minimum total forest cover —Haryana 
3. If you wish to visit Golconda Fort, you will have to go to which state —Karnataka
4. Which state produces maximum Soya bean —Madhya Pradesh 
5. Which reformer from Maharashtra was known as Lokhitavadi —Gopal Hari Deshmukh 
6. In which region of India was the Suharawadi order of Sufism popular —Punjab and Sind 
7. Which is the State having the largest population of scheduled castes —Utter Pradesh 
8. Which region has internal drainage —Rajasthan 
9. Which was an associate State of India before becoming a full fledged State —Sikkim 
10. Which state receives rainfall from north-east monsoons —Tamil Nadu 
11. Folk painting 'Madhubani' is famous in which state —Bihar
12. Local thunderstorms 'Norwesters' are prominent in which state —West Bengal 
13. Which is not administered by a Lieutenant Governor —Chandigarh 
14. Which State has the largest forest area —Gujarat 
15. In which year Delhi became the capital of India —1977
16. Among the Union Territories which has the highest literacy rate —Lakshadweep 
17. In which district, have large reserves of diamond-bearing kimberlite been discovered in the recent past —Raipur 
18. Which city will never get the vertical rays of the Sun —Srinagar 
19. Which city is at the highest altitude above mean sea level —Bangalore 
20. Bhopal gas tragedy struck in the year 1984 due to the leakage of which gas —Methyl-iso-cyanate 
21. Which Indian port leads in imports —Mumbai 
22. The Musalman, the handwritten daily newspaper in circulation since 1927, is published from which place —Chennai 
23. Indian Institute of Forest management is located at which place —Dehradun 
24. Who was instrumental in bringing the Extremists and the Moderates together at Lucknow —Annie Besant 
25. Which city has the longest day in the month of June —Kolkata 
26. Why do Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Orissa often face natural disasters —Due to cyclones 
27. The Tibetan river 'Tsangpo' enters India through which State —Arunachal Pradesh 
28. Kamarupa is the old name of which state —Assam 
29. Where are the traces of Portuguese culture found in India —Goa 
30. On which date was the State of Bombay was bifurcated into Maharashtra and Gujarat —May 1, in the year 1960 
31. Which river flows through Maharashtra and Gujarat —Tapti 
32. In which' State, no tribe has been declared as 'Scheduled' by the President —Haryana 
33. Kula, Kufri, Kajjair and Dalhousie are all tourists place of which state —Himachal Pradesh 
34. Where is Port Blair situated —South Andaman 
35. Which place receives fainfall less than 20 cms —Jammu and Kashmir
36. The river Cauvery originates from which state —Karnataka 
37. Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf —Tamil Nadu 
38. Silent valley having rare plant and animal is located in which state —Kerala 
39. Tansen Samman has been instituted by the Government of which state —Madhya Pradesh 
40. Which hill range that separates the state of Manipur from the state of Nagaland —Barailhills 
41. Which Indian state is known as 'Land of Five Rivers' —Punjab 
42. If you want to visit sambhar lake, to which state you will go —Rajasthan 
43. Which is the major silk producing state in India —Karnataka 
44. Which state is the larger producer of lignitle coal —Tamil Nadu 
45. Telangana region represents type of vegetation —Thorn 
46. Where are Tapovan and Vishnugarh Hydroelectric Projects located —Uttarakhand 
47. The Matatila multipurpose project is located in which state —Uttar Pradesh 
48. Where are the Local thunderstorms 'Nor westers' prominent —West Bengal 
49. Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands —Saddle Peak 
50. Who is the creator of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh —Nek Chand 
51. Which is the largest mustard oil growing state —Uttar Pradesh
52. When was the Madras State renamed Tamil Nadu —1969 
53. Which is the suthernmost city —Raipur 
54. Why does Mumbai receives more rainfall than Pune —Because mumbai is on the windward side 
55. Which National Highway connects Chennai and Visakhapatnarn —NH-5 
56. The 'Grand Trunk Road' connects which cities —Kolkata and Amritsar 
57. Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for which metal —Gold 
58. Where is the national institute of nutrition located —Hyderabad 
59. In India which is the State with the largest area under very dense forests —Arunachal Pradesh 
60. Which states is the leading producer of tea —Assam 
61. From which ruler did Albuquerque capture Goa —Bijapur 
62. Which mountain range stretches from Gujarat in west to Delhi in the north —Aravallis 
63. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located in which state —Gujarat 
64. Which are the leading states in the production of cotton in India —Maharashtra and Gujarat 
65. Who appoints the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir —President 
66. Which stare is the largest producer of coffee —Karnataka 
67. Palghat joins which states —Kerala and Tamil Nadu 
68. Narmada river originates from .Amarkantak in which state —Madhya Pradesh 
69. Which State has no Panchayati Raj Institution at all —Nagaland 
70. Which region in India receives substantial rain during the winter month of January —Punjab
71. Rana Pratap Sagar Plant (Rajasthan) is associated with which thing —Hydroelectricity 
72. Where are Shevaroy Hills located —Tamil Nadu 
73. Which State has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats —Uttar Pradesh 
74. West Bengal shares boundaries with how many foreign countries — Three 
75. Port Blair - the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is located in which island —South Andaman 
76. Which national Highway route is the longest —Kolkata-Hajira 
77. Which pair of states is the leading producer of tabacco in India —Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat 
78. Which -State shares boundaries with the maximum number of other States of India —Assam 
79. Which Union Territory attained statehood in February, 1987 —Goa 
80. Which is the State with the largest area under waste land —Jammu and Kashmir 
81. Which state was in the development of hydroelectricity the pioneering state —Karnataka 
82. Which state is the largest producer of black pepper in India —Kerala 
83. Recently reserves of diamond have been reported in Madhya Pradesh from which place —Devbhog 
84. In which State is the Guru Shikhar Peak located —Rajasthan 
85. Which state has the largest net irrigated area —Tamil Nadu 
86. Which State sends the maximum number of members to the Rajya Sabha —Uttar Pradesh 
87. Which city is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer —Kolkata 
88. The world famous 'Khajuraho' sculptures are located in which State —Madhya Pradesh 
89. Which state has smallest land area —Goa 
90. Which state is with the largest area under waste land —Jammu and Kashmir 
91. In which is the largest population of Scheduled Tribes —Madhya Pradesh 
92. Which state has the maximum length of surface roads —Tamil Nadu 
93. Which State has the largest number of sugar mills —Uttar Pradesh 
94. Which does not have a unit of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) —Kolkata 
95. Which region does not receives much rainfall in the south-west monsoon season —Tamil Nadu coast


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