Monday, February 8, 2016

History of Indian Postal System

Year — Work
1766 — Establishment of first Indian Postal system by Lord Clive in India.
1774 — Establishment of first G.P.O. in Kolkata by Warren Hastings.
1786 — Establishment of Madras G.P.O.
1793 — Establishment of G.P.O. at Mumbai
1854 — On October 1, 1854, Indian Post Office was recognised as of national importance and was brought under the authority of Director-General. Year 2004 was celebrated as a 150th year of the Indian Post Office. The establishment of the deptt. of Post Office is to be considered from this very year.
1863 — Railway Mail Service (R.M.S.) was started.
1873 — Sale of engraving envelopes was started
1876 — India started Parcel Postal Unit.
1877 — Started of V.P.P.
1879 — Post Card was started.
1880 — Money-order Service was started.
1911 — First airmail was sent from Allahabad to Naini.
1935 — Indian Postal Order was started.
1972 — Pincode was started.
1984 — Postal life insurance was started.
1985 — Post and telephone departments were separated.
1986 — Speed Post Service was started.
1990 — At Mumbai and Chennai, two automatic postal edition Centres were started.
1995 — Rural Postal Insurance was started.
1996 — Media Postal Service was started.
1997 — Business Postal Service was started.
1998 — Satellite Postal Service was started.
1999 — Data Dak and Express Dak Services were started.
2000 — Greeting Post Service was started.
2001 — Electronic fund transfer service was started.
3rd Jan. 2002 — Track and Tax Service based on internet was started.
5th Sep. 2003 — Bill mail Service was started.
30th Jan. 2004 — Beginning of E Postal Service.
10th Aug. 2004 — Logestice Post Service was started.


  1. 1877 — Started of V.P.P.

    Sir, could u give full form of V.P.P?

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