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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sobriquets - India

All Seasons State:Himachal Pradesh
Blue Mountains:Nilgiri
City of Palaces:Calcutta
City of Golden Temple:Amritsar
Garden City of India:Bangalore
Gateway of India:Mumbai
Granary of India:Punjab
Land of Five Rivers:Punjab
Pearl of the Orient:Goa
Pink City:Jaipur
Lake City:Udaipur
Switzerland of India:Kashmir
Paradise on Earth:Kashmir
Mini-Switzerland in India:Khajjar, Himachal Pradesh
Sorrow of Bengal:River Damodar
Sorrow of Bihar:River Kosi
Sorrow of Assam:Brahmaputra
Spice Garden of India:Kerala
Sugar Bowl of India:Uttar Pradesh
Tea Garden of India:Assam
Detroit of India:Pitampur
Land of Sunrise in India:Arunachal Pradesh
Manchester of South India:Coimbatore
Manchester of India:Ahmadabad
Mini Switzerland:Himachal Pradesh
City of Orange:Nagpur
Weavers City of India:Panipat
Silicon Valley of India:Bangalore
Clouds of House:Meghalaya
Gods own land of India:Kerala
Pink City:Jaipur
Hollywood of India:Mumbai
Silent Share:Ladakh
Pearl of the East:Goa

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